Goetz v. Benefit Recovery Specialists, Inc.

Case No. 20 CV 550

Walworth County Wisconsin Circuit Court

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Eligible Settlement Class Members may submit one or more Claims for reimbursement for documented Economic Losses related to the Data Breach that have not been reimbursed by IDX or other third parties, up to an aggregate total of $2,500.00 per Settlement Class Member, provided, however, that no Settlement Class Member may submit a Reimbursement Form unless said Settlement Class Member has first elected to receive and enrolled in the IDX Settlement Offering, submitted a Reimbursement Claim to IDX, IDX has denied the claim, and said Settlement Class Member has exhausted IDX’s claims process. Any Settlement Class Member whose Reimbursement Claim to IDX is rejected for failure to submit a claim within IDX’s required time period may not submit a Claim for reimbursement under this process. If a Settlement Class Member submitted a timely Reimbursement Claim to IDX and IDX denied the claim for failure to provide sufficient supporting materials, then the loss may not be claimed for reimbursement hereunder.

Additional information is contained in the Notice and the Settlement Agreement, both of which are available on this website or by calling 1-833-937-0337.

Settlement Class Members who wish to make a timely and properly supported Claim for reimbursement of Economic Losses related to the Data Breach must provide to the Settlement Administrator the information required to evaluate the claim, including: (a) the Claimant’s name and current address; (b) if applicable, a signed copy of IRS Form 14039 along with a statement under penalty of perjury that the form was submitted to the Internal Revenue Service; (c) the bills or invoices documenting the amount of the Claim and proof that the bills or invoices were paid; (d) documentation showing that the claim was submitted to IDX, denied by IDX, and that the IDX claims process was exhausted; and (e) a statement signed under penalty of perjury indicating that: (i) the Economic Losses claimed are fairly traceable to the Data Breach; and (ii) the total amount claimed has not been reimbursed by any other person or entity. Third-party documentation of Economic Losses is required to establish a Claim. Economic Losses that are compensated under this Settlement are those that are reasonable and customarily incurred when responding to the type of fraud or identity theft suffered by the Settlement Class Member from the Data Breach.

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You may submit one or more reimbursement requests, but all of your requests cannot exceed an aggregate $2,500. Only one (1) form is needed for multiple costs incurred from the Data Breach.



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